Should you get Uninsured Motorist Insurance in California?

A question everyone driving a car in California should ask themselves:

“Should I get Uninsured Motorist Insurance in California?”

Think about the following scenario. You are on the road, heading toward  home, when out of nowhere comes a vehicle that crushes right into you. Now even if the chances of a car accident happening to you are marginal, you will have to seriously take it into account, it happens every 7 minutes in California, on average. Furthermore It is necessary to think about all the possible situations that might come with a car accident, because in this way you will be able to prepare yourself for any unpredictable incident.

uninsured motorist

Insured or not insured, that is the question!

Insured or not insuredIf you have the misfortune to be in an accident with a person who does not have an insurance, or whose insurance doesn’t cover all the necessary costs, you could be in a much worse situation then originally assessed. Bad just got worse. Thinking about this NOW before you have an accident, is the silver lining to this story. Consider your insurance coverage today, better yet, this hour, call your insurance agency and discuss your coverage, and be sure you are covered for each case scenario.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage, is it worth it?

There are many people who have chosen a basic insurance coverage without even thinking about getting the Uninsured Motorist coverage. This happens because they are trying to avoid any unnecessary further expenses. If you are among these people you should know that the Uninsured Motorist Insurance is actually as expensive as you might think and you should be able to fit into your planned budget.

For those who do not know, the Uninsured Motorist Insurance has many benefits that should be taken into account. Therefore, besides the physical damages, this insurance also offers coverage for the emotional damages too, making sure that the person in cause receives all the necessary accommodations to recover fully from the accident.


Properly Insured, Peace of Mind

Additionally, the Uninsured Motorist Insurance in California will allow you a peace of mind, maybe even a bit more relaxed while being on the road, and therefore you won’t have to worry too much about the possible outcome of an accident. The truth is the road is an unsafe place, and even if most of the accidents don’t cause significant injuries, they actually cost a lot of money, protect your body, mind, spirit and bank account! One way of making sure that a small accident won’t cost you a fortune is to make sure that you have all the insurance you need. As we know, life happens, its not about the misfortune as much as it is how you bounce back!


Life Happens, be ready to bounce back

Thankfully, people are catching on, more and more have chosen the Uninsured Motorist Insurance in California, mainly because in this way they are more protected. One cannot know when accidents might occur, but being forewarned and prepared will give you the advantage you need to overcome what might happen on the road of life, don’t let a car accident derail your plans for your future.

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Higuera Law Offices in California

If you know fierce legal advocate Joe Higuera you know that he wants the best outcome for his clients. Joe is passionate about advocacy and protection. His recommendations come at no surprise that he would rather a client have full protection for any possible situation. His article on the subject received attention in LA Lawyer where he says:

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Los Angeles Lawyer Article By Joe Higuera
The good news is that you do not need to practice personal injury law to advise your clients to purchase a large uninsured motorist policy. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s the advice they aren’t getting from most of their other professional advisers—not even their own insurance agent who sold them the policy. It is great business advice that they will appreciate, and it will be the easiest 30 seconds of advice you will ever give them.

Please read my article on uninsured motorist coverage.

Get the protection you need before you are in an accident!

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