Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Car Accident

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Q: Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Whenever a car crash occurs, confusion sets in for drivers. The situation is emotional and financially threatening. Common questions that may run through drivers’ minds are:

  • Do you need a lawyer for a car accident?
  • How will I defend myself?

The answer to these questions is simple, get legal support when at all possible. If you have a trusted attorney who can give you personalized and authentic counsel, seek them out, even if only to listen to your case. A situation that you have not yet processed might linger and being prepared and taking action when you can can make the difference between recovering from this situation or having this accident wreck your life.

Joe Higuera is a car accident lawyer providing support for California divers from San Diego to Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco involved in any type of automotive crash. Mr. Higuera backs up his fierce defense strategies with over 20 years of personal injury legal experience and has recovered over $45 million for his clients.

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Legal Advice After A Car Accident

Attorney Joe Higuera offers the following advice for any driver wondering when or if to get a lawyer after an auto accident:

  • If the damages to your vehicle are significant and you face possible financial stress, seek the advice of a Car Accident Lawyer & Personal Injury Lawyer.
  • Insurance companies and police officers are not lawyers, so drivers beware if auto crash liability is left undetermined. In that situation, drivers should seek legal counsel immediately.
  • Lawyers for auto accidents will view your involvement in a car crash from a different perspective than your insurance company. If the insurance company has denied your claim, has offered a tiered settlement, or has not represented you properly in the claim settlement process – seek the advice of a personal injury lawyer.
  • When in doubt, ask! Act now and call the attorney you trust. Call Joe Higuera, you have nothing to lose but a few minutes of time to discover if you need support.

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Auto Insurance And Coverage

Handling an insurance company on your own is not an easy prospect and requires previous experience to be successful. Look for an attorney that is seasoned in wrongful death litigation, major personal injuries, and auto accidents, as these types of cases require fierce advocation and a highly skilled team of with experience in these specific areas. The outcome of a properly settled auto accident claim plus applicable attorney fees will often far outweigh a claim settled on your own. Drivers do not have to feel alone in the auto accident litigation process. It does not matter which driver was at-fault, gaining a thorough understanding of what can be used against you and how your rights can be protected will increase the likelihood of a successful car accident settlement.

Dealing with Insurance Company After Car Accident

Contact Your Attorney

It is not easy to know if a car accident will end up with debilitating injury or if legal action will be taken after a car accident, but Joe Higuera points to law suits as the major indicator for anyone involved in an automotive crash, with or without injury. If a driver in San Diego or Orange County or any other part of the state becomes party to a law suit stemming from an auto accident,  contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible will insure that the right action is taken to protect you and your livelihood.


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