Free Consultation and Case Evaluation

There are no upfront costs or unexpected fees

Do you have a case? Let’s talk and find out. There’s no cost or obligation—all initial consultations are free. We’ll review the particulars of your case, and I’ll present you with your legal options and potential monetary recovery.


I am there for you. When you need me. At no cost or obligation. And with the kind of experience and expertise you’re looking for…

  • 20 years experience in personal injury and wrongful death litigation
  • Over $50 Million in monetary recovery with over 2,000 successfully resolved personal injury cases
  • 10 years previous experience working within a large insurance defense law firm
  • Expertise in not only automobile accidents, but in motorcycle and bicycle accidents—which often face a unique set of challenges
  • A network of related attorneys to provide you with additional areas of expertise, if needed
  • Personal assistance in placing you with doctors and other health and medical experts who can help you physically recover


You don’t need to be treated like just another “case” and be forced to settle for less than you deserve.

I am tenacious. My staff is tenacious. We fight for every hard earned penny you deserve. Ask any one of my clients. Many large legal firms won’t go to this trouble. More often than one cares to think about, these firms will take the most expedient route—the route insurance companies want you to take—forcing a settlement that short-changes you.

I worked for a large insurance defense law firm for ten years. I know how they operate. And I know they can be made to pay what is rightfully yours—but only if you challenge them.

So, if you have had any sort of accident, I urge you to call me as soon as possible. The quicker I can start working on your behalf, the better the odds I can obtain a fair monetary recovery for you.